11/11/11 Today We Remember

Today is a very sombre day and I thought I would take a minute to thank those in uniform past, present and future who have defended our rights and freedoms throughout the years.  While your sacrifice is not appreciated by all, those with any clue know that you were prepared to forego your future to protect ours.  Special thoughts go out to Opa and Dad (both fought in conflicts) and to Ace (our current defender and quite literally the black dude from transformers).

Now I have been absent for quite some time and there were various reasons why.  First I was suffering from a little BFL hangover.  While I love playing football in Brantford, its coming to the point that I might have to take a season off so that after playing for two hours, I’m not incapacitated for ten days. Secondly there was a wedding… Congrats to Susan and Naveen.  Only problem with a hosted wedding was the sheer amount of eating that I did and the non-healthy choices I’ve made (and been making).

Now that’s not to say I’ve been a total sloth (well, let’s be honest I have been. Except for the part where I performed a four tire pit stop on two cars before attending a wedding), I did attempt to get up every day this week. Up with the alarm but unable to find the motivational fortitude to pull back the covers and get moving. It has not been pleasant, because even though I know what has to be done, I have been very weak and unable to do it. Problem is I feel disgusting right now and while my ‘number’ is staying the same, I can tell that I’m ballooning. Again, the blog comes to the rescue.  Well specifically one person.


When those chimes went off this morning (after a late night out at a comedy club), all I could think of (besides “why did I have that last beer?”) was I can’t let @hoodieruns down.  She really is a seriously motivating person and I wish her good luck on her training for a marathon in May and her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You wanted some blogging action, so here it is.

This morning was maybe one of the top ten hardest workouts I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t physically tough (actually that’s not true, it was pretty decent), but it was mentally EXHAUSTING. Just to keep the legs churning was a challenge.  The legs were feeling a lot stiff and my right ankle is about ‘that far’ (hold your fingers a half inch apart) from being chopped off and replaced with a bionic one.

40 minutes (the standard 35 plus a 5 minute cool down) on the elliptical today doing an interval program.  Normally I’m a five minutes forward then five backwards guy, but today the legs just were not cooperating.  Most of the time was spent going forward (is that a sign?).  5566 strides with an average BPM of 138.  I maxed out somewhere around 161BPM burning a total of 597.8 calories.  A little bit of hamstring stretching, but that was it for any after cardio session.  Hopefully this is just the start (again).  I have been looking at going back to the gym (the paid kind), but I’m torn about where to join.  Do I go back to Goodlife (which is close to work), YMCA (which is close to home and open 24hrs with a pool and squash) or Xtreme Fitness (which is the cheapest).

While I mull, please carry on with your Friday,


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2 Thoughts to “11/11/11 Today We Remember”

  1. YES! Fist pump! Well done buddy! Way to pick up your groove again. First is worst then it gets better.
    My vote for gym is Y. Y the Y you ask? Well, if you do chop that ankle off, the pool is a useful rehab tool. Just sayin'. Plus, 24hrs? What excuse is there?

  2. Fist pump for sure from across the pond! Hugs sent and some advise that we all need. The reality is excuses suck and are pathetic, safe, lazy ideas we get in our heads (mine included). We need to push those excuses out and just get to the gym. Make it a habit, get up and go or get your days work in then hit it up. This doesn't mean I'm suggesting we shouldn't listen to our bodies, but there is more to be said to getting there and doing a light cardio set vs hammering out a sprint work out.

    End rant.

    Gym selection, go for Y, hoods is right pool is low impact and once you get in (head games) you will absolutely LOVE it. To add another plus – you said it is close to home, which would be fantastic as there is NO excuse!!

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