When You Don’t Want To


We’ll those could be words to live by for more than just working out.  Well I didn’t want to (mostly because I watched the Leafs win, the Yankees lose and ate about nine pounds of roti.  Qualifier:  I’ve never had roti and it was really good, but wow was it heavy). So a bit groggy (and possibly a bit grumpy), I got out of bed and went down to the, uh, gym.

Before you get excited, couple of things…

1 – My ankle is not feeling really good (and my left hip too), but I do have a session with Dr. Spin tonight.  Once the screaming and the crying are finished (by him because I am his last patient of the day and I’m, we’ll how do you put it gently… not very bendy).  Getting the ankle back in alignment will not be a pleasant experience, but it will be required to continue.


2 – I miss my running partner Leslie.  Les ran with me during the Wasaga Duathlon (and she was the only reason I finished in one piece) and I ran 5km in 41 minutes.  Today was a treadmill day and I don’t especially like the ol’ treadmill. I use the incline between 0 and 4 just to mix it up and keep my body from adapting. Problem with that is that today was only a distance of 2.15km, but the time was 35 minutes.  Now a caveat to that, Wasaga was flat today’s session wasn’t. I ran with an average BPM of 130 with a max of 152 (I only went super hard for about 3 minutes, the rest was at a leisurely pace).

Well that brings us to the cusp of Turkey Weekend (and Oktoberfest for you Kitchener folks).  This weekend is a ‘bachelor’ party for my future brother-in-law, the aforementioned turkey and no work on Monday. I’m shooting for at least one session (maybe even taking the Argon out for a ride), but we’ll see what happens.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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