Welcome Back Beezy

It’s funny where motivation comes from.  Since Wasaga I have had NONE.  Now there is no one to blame for this lack of workout glory other than me.  No denying and I’m really not going to try to.  That being said, I was hurt after the race (not from the race itself but a combo platter of the race, softball and life in general) and doing anything was not high on my list. Now that’s not to say that I have been happy with the state of things (I’m not, I really feel like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers), but sometimes it is what it is.  Motivation… Right, got a little off track.  So I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a link from one of the Wasaga racers pointing to her blog.  First line talks about motivation and her struggle with it (Thank the Sweet Baby Jeebus, someone else feels like I do).


Why ‘Thank You’ you might ask, because I decided that enough was enough and it was time to stop being a sloth and time to figure it out (Definition of ‘Figuring it Out’ is that my body hurts because I am 75lbs overweight and in order to lose that weight I have to live through and inflict pain).  So this morning as I lay in bed thinking about rolling back over and hitting the snooze button, I thought about the motivation comment and dragged myself out of bed.  Dressed and pressed (ok, well not pressed, but in gym clothes and an iPod) I dragged my chocolate posterior down the gym and hopped on the elliptical. 

Today wasn’t fast, but I was there.  A 35 minute session with a 5 minute cool down (which is the standard for me on the elliptical). Now it didn’t feel fast at all, but when it comes down to it just starting and finishing after three weeks off is enough for the first session.  The average BPM was 128 with a max of 153 (oddly, that didn’t happen until I was into the cool down) and a total calorie burn of 597.3. Once I was done that I started doing an arm series, but my right shoulder started acting up.  I did finish 2 sets of 15 repetitions @ 25lbs.

The question that remains is can I now string together enough sessions to make it worthwhile? I will attempt to do it and as always, having you read and comment always helps me find that motivation to get up while it’s still dark outside  and workout.


ps – Update on the bent wheel from Wasaga.  I thought I was going to be on the hook for $200 for a new wheel, but thanks to Peter and the folks from Wheels of Bloor, all it cost was a drive to the shop.  Turns out all the issues I had to deal with during the bicycling session were due to a loose spoke.  5 minutes and I was good to go.

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  1. B – you have no idea how pumped I was to read this today. Well done on the workout this morning. I bailed on mine so that means a doubled up sweatfest tonight. Run + strength training. And YOU motivated me.

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