Didn’t Want To. Did Anyway

Good Morning! I know it’s been a little, how should I put it… Uneven in the blogsphere, but I’m still having some major issues on the motivation scale. That’s not to say that I don’t want to be healthy, be thinner and be ready to race, but getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning (while it’s still dark outside) is not a great feeling.  Still that’s not to say that I haven’t been trying to figure things out.  While lying on the couch being unmotivated, I have figured out my goals.  They will be as follows:

·         Get to 250lbs
·         Finish the Wasaga Duathlon in 1hr 40min (20min less than this year)
·         Be able to buy clothes at a regular store

There are lots of reasons why I would like to reach those goals.  I want to feel better, I want to look better and I want to be healthy.  Now this is not going to happen overnight, but my timeline for this goal is August 30, 2012.  There you go, it’s in writing.  It has been read by the masses.  So it shall be.

So in the spirit of the goals and the deadline, I was lying in bed listening to 680news to slowly gain consciousness (while thinking about rolling over and going back to bed), when I decided that I needed to move.  GET UP! So grudgingly I got up in the cold morning air, got dressed and got out the door.  It was hard, but it was done and there was no going back.

Hit the elliptical for 40 minutes of wake-me-up love, turned on the Score (to take my mind off the fact I really didn’t want to be here) and got moving.  It was pretty good all things considered this morning and I banged away 5504 strides and burned a grand total of 605 calories.  My max BPM was 153 and I averaged 132 for the whole session (strangely, I couldn’t get my BPM up until halfway through the session).

Got back to Home Base, had a nice smoothie (strawberry, banana and chocolate protein) and got blogging.  The emails have already started flying about Football in Brantford and the potential for Thrill on the Hill.  Well, guess I am going to be boarding this year (thought I might take the year off).

Anywhatsit, have a good Monday,


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  1. Hey – I sucked it up for an outdoor 6.5K run this morning. I too waffled about getting out of bed (warm and cozy) and going out for a run (chilly and dark). Glad we both got our workouts in.

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