Top Gun

Top Gun you ask? Well this is all I can hear in my head, “Beez is in a flat spin. He’s headed out to sea”. That is seriously what it feels like right now.  Spinning my wheels and not seeing any results or feeling any better (and seriously thinking of just breaking my ankle so the jackass doctors will be forced to fix it). Motivation has been in short supply since this return to ‘all things physical’, but much thanks goes out to all those have been providing encouragement and kind words.

Coming off a weekend at Club Hammer with a big group of cool peeps, there was lots of drinks and lots of good food (some of which might not have been really healthy).  Originally we had planned to do some riding, but morning temperatures of one degree Celsius made for an easy decision. NO WAY. I started off the riding season Good Friday at a balmy nine degrees and was nearly frozen to my seat when I climbed off the bike.

Roll into Monday (after nights of sleep totalling six, six and eight hours) and I was still gassed from the lack of REM (sleep, not the band).  Now that’s not to say that the alarm wasn’t set or that the internal monologue didn’t occur, but all said and done, no mas.  Tuesday morning I was just flat out lazy.  No getting around it, didn’t want to work out, but figured I would spin when I got home from work. I took a lot of encouragement (right itcheebon?), but sadly when I got home I felt like I had just punched out of an F-14 and hit the canopy (a la Goose, only I didn’t die).  No workout here, just an hour on the couch.


When the clock struck six bells this morning, I did it.  I dragged my ass out of bed and headed down to the gym.  Today was the exact opposite of every other day, it was PACKED.  Well, packed about three minutes after I got there and started on my machine of choice. Elliptical today for the standard 35 minutes (plus 5 minute cool down).  Today, there were no issue getting and keeping the heart rate up today.  My average BPM was 138 with a maximum of 166. It’s a lovely way to spend an hour and burn 603.8 calories.  I did a little bit of stretching to loosen up my hammies and quadriceps.

Now the challenge of this week will be getting up for tomorrow with the total understanding that Thursday night will be the shenanigans known as the Keilhauer 30th Anniversary party.  Friday is pretty much going to be a no go, but Saturday may be my first appearance at the BFL (Brantford Football League).

Happy Hump Day,


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