Can’t Decide…

Is it really you’re only as young as you feel?  I’m not going to lie, but lately I think I should be shopping on Senior’s Day at Shoppers Drug Mart. My body doesn’t want to do anything but sleep (and deep down I really can’t say that I’m 100% opposed to the idea) and my mind (between the 5 year old temper tantrums and anger I feel) just can’t seem to get worked up about it.  Today had to have been a record though as I’m pretty sure that both my eyes were still closed when I walked into the condo gym this morning.

There was even some indecision this morning about the approach I was going to take.  I wanted to  skip the treadmill, but didn’t want to do the elliptical.  I was already down here so spinning was out today.  I hopped on the recumbent bike and got about two minutes in when I realised that I wanted no part of the bike today.  Treadmill it is then.

So the session was 30 minutes (plus the 5 minute cool down), but today there was no elevation.  My ankle and foot were barking the second I started, but I toughed it out.  2.35KMs burning 488.8 calories doesn’t seem too bad for a Thursday morning. The heart rate may have been a different story though.  My average BPM was clocked at 128 while my max was in the neighborhood of 171 BPM.  I would love to say that there were some other activities tacked on the end of this, but sadly, what you see is what you get today.

Now the hard part will be any type of activity tomorrow.  Tonight is the Keilhauer 30th Anniversary party (big congrats to the Brothers), but I’m thinking that working out might not happen. Planning on hitting BFL Saturday, so at least there will be some more activities this week.


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