So If This Was Baseball

And the reason I say that is because if I was batting .750 (3-for-4) I would be a $10,000,000 player batting fourth in the lineup of a Word Series contending ball team.  Sadly though in this case it means that I lost the daily contest of wills between my desire to look like Will Smith (relax people, this comparison is not necessarily true) and the comfort of my nice, soft, warm bed.

Just so you know that I’m being completely honest I will tell you that it gets much, much worse.  After I managed to finally extract myself from my warm cocoon, I realised that not only did I not have any cereal, but that I didn’t even have bread to spread PB (peanut butter for those of you who are having trouble while reading this first thing).  So I made the horrible choice. The almost unforgivable choice.  I drove to McD’s and proceeded to scarf down two sausage McMuffins, two hash browns and a large black coffee.

I proceeded to feel awful for the rest of the day, but damage done.

Side Note: Big thanks to Jeremy for introducing me to Doubles and Aloo Pie and for the delicious Chicken Curry and Roti (oh and Buss Up Shut), but seriously I think I am still full.

So today when the radio started the gentle wakeup process, I knew there was going to be no hesitation or thinking about it.  GET UP.  GET DRESSED. GET WATER, iPod and ACCESSORIES. GET MOVING. Check, check, check and check.  Now the other part of yesterday’s none workout was that after my massage, I started experiencing some tightness in my hips, so along with all the other excuses we can toss that right on the pile.

Treadmill at a nice leisurely pace.  30 minute session (plus a 5 minute cool down) covering 2.21KMs on a very rainy Wednesday morning.  With some variation of pace and incline it was a nice little trot (although I am still having a pulling in my left foot/ankle from my shredded ligaments and it is starting to F@CKING PISS ME OFF).  My average BPM was 129 and during the brief hard-core running segment I got up to a max of 166, burning 447.7 calories.

Once that was completed I also threw down a small chest/lat session.  3 sets of 20 on the pull-down. 2 sets of 10 arm curls and 3 sets of 20 chest press.  That isn’t a whole lot, but based on the equipment I have it was the best I could do.

Happy Thursday,


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