And yes, I deserve a championship ring for this performance.  After the weekly AWB session, complete with a smattering of not healthy food (but only a small amount of each), two pints and a shot of JD.  Yeah, the shot was a bit much, but we watched the first half of the J-E-T-S game (and they look awful on offence).  Got home late and due to my massage session Tuesday night I knew that I was going to have to do any workout sessions first thing.

So the morning battle begins at 5:45am as usual with the do I or don’t decision.  Today (as pretty much every day is), it was a very close one. In fact, if this was an election (especially if it was in Florida) they would be demanding a recount.

Now once I got up, I knew today wasn’t going to be a gym session.  Spritz had been sitting in the condo feeling very lonely and used (mostly because while it was nice out, the Argon 18 was getting most of the love).  I felt pretty bad about this so today’s session was going to be a spin (along with last nights’ PVR’d episode of Castle).  Shoes, check.  Shorts, check.  Castle and accessories, check.


The spin this very dark morning lasted a paltry 40 minutes (mostly due to the fact I had to sit through the friggin commercials) and that my heart rate was really high for most of the session.  My average BPM was 154 and my max was a staggering 168, but I did survive the series.  My cadence was good at an average of 86 (chalking up the sub 90 to the fact I haven’t ridden since September 10) and the total distance was 20.39KM.

Overall I feel really good now that I’m finished (which is the one thing I do like about working out first thing), but I would prefer to have a life of leisure instead of having to work (but that’s the way it goes).

Have a good day,


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