That Was Uninspiring…

That was perhaps one of the worst games I’ve ever been a part of.  Tuesday ball with the Blue Rams against a team that has some good guys and a couple of mouth pieces.  We hunkered down and got to it.  It started off very promising with our team posting 7 in the top of the first inning.  At this point we should have called the game.  It would have been easier.

It went right down the pooper after that.  The ‘Wolfpack’ just kept hitting it into the spots we weren’t and it we kept making mistakes including going three-up-three-down in 3 straight innings.  Scary moment when their second baseman took a bad hop in the side of the face.  Our guys didn’t run hard, made stupid mistakes and just weren’t catching any breaks.
Same in the second game only one of their players got ejected for throwing at someone running to third.  Weird play and just an all-around not fun day.
I don’t get people (some guys on my team included) and their competitive streaks.  I like playing ball (football, softball, whatever), but I don’t find myself trying to injure an opposing player.  I don’t find myself heckling a pitcher because he has long hair or because he pitches like an @ss-clown.  Maybe that’s why I never wanted to play varsity or college ball (although I did get scouted by every school in Canada), just the attitudes you face and the way some people approach the game.
I don’t know much, but I feel this tarnishes the game(s).
Overall athletically, the game wasn’t a very good one.  I ran hard a couple of times, but overall, I was 1-for-2 and 0-for-2 respectively. I’m just not playing well (at all) and I think it’s starting to get into my head.  I’m not playing well (offensively) so I try harder which in turn makes it more difficult.  Vicious cycle.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better,

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