Satan Called, He’s Wants His Weather Back

HOLY CRAP! It is some kinda hot in this town.  Not just hot, but hot and HUMID.  The air weighs on you like a sack of bricks.  So of course it means that I need to be outside playing ball from 5:15-7p.  Now it’s a bunch of complaining, but as long as you prepare properly, it doesn’t have to be dangerous or a complete and utter cluster.

Purchased a 6-pack of G2 for the occasion and guzzled a bottle before I had even started to warm up (plus my normal 3L of water).  Got started tossing the ball and for the first time this season my shoulder didn’t scream in protest (it did shout a bit). 30 minutes and another half a bottle later and it was game on.
We had some problem defensively and I had some problems with the arm again.  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, I just can’t fire the ball like I need to.  It’s so bad that I’m voluntarily removing myself from 3B and heading to the outfield starting in two weeks.  It’s just ugly to watch, but the glove is still OK.
With the bat I was 2-for-3 with 2 RBIs, but the fun part happened in the bottom of the last inning.  As we coughed up a lead to the opponents in the top of the final inning, one of our guys started the bottom with a single.  He was injured so I was pinch running (last guy out).  Moved up on an infield hit and then scored from second on a single, Game OVER!  Two games in a row scoring the winning run (no slide this time).
I let some teammates know that this is my last season, they weren’t happy and I’m sure they will try and turn my decision around, but my body is fighting me every week.  My ankle has been BRUTAL all of July and it’s just not getting any better. Time to refocus on cycling and weight loss.

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