Thanks to Mother Nature and the ‘Heat Dome’ she dropped on Toronto this week.  Temps in the 35+ degrees with the humidity and yours truly with two games Tuesday and a game on Thursday (The potentially hottest day ever in Toronto).  So the story of the week will be fluids and protecting the sliding burn I’m nursing on my left leg.

It’s not that a sliding burn hurts a bunch, it’s just that for the first couple of days it weeps and tears and generally makes a mess.  Once it starts to scab up, every time you move in a certain way, you tear it a little more and extend the healing time. I had to make an executive decision on Monday and skip my Coed game, just to give the wound a little extra time.
When Tuesday rolled around, it was lots of Polysporin, a non-stick medical dressing, tensor bandage, high socks and ball pants as the layered defense.  Turns out it actually ended up being really helpful in the long run with the combination of pressure and Polysporin finally drying the burn out. That is pretty much where the highlights of the night ended.
We played OK as a team, but I am seriously having trouble and I don’t know why.  Am I thinking too much with the bat?  Where is my power?  What the Eff am I doing wrong?  It’s really disheartening to know that you can play much better than you are. It’s just not enjoyable at all.  There was one upside to this season on the whole though.  One of our guys has a broken foot so we’ve been using our courtesy runners for him which means that I am getting a chance to run more and more.
Normally I would hate this, but I am starting to ENJOY it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a runner.  I am NOT FAST (Well, for a big man I am pretty quick over short distances), but I will always give it my all (as exampled by the sliding with shorts injury from Thursday).  This spectacle included my scoring from 1B on a double.  Most people would say ‘big deal’, but they can kiss my ass, it’s pretty good for me.
Training for the race has not been going well so far as I haven’t been running.  OK, it’s because I’ve been lazy, so it’s my own fault.  There is a plan and at the very least on the long weekend, Hammer and I are planning a 100KM ride (that may be a combo of two rides).

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