I Remember This

Well it has certainly been a while since I found motivation, pulled on the biking shorts and clipped into Spritz.  Well this steamy Sunday evening I found said motivation.  I’m not 100% sure, but it could have something to do with the trip Real Sports on Friday with Spanky and Pizza Pizza on Saturday with Kris and Spanky (noticing a trend?).  So there was a bonanza of not healthy food and there may have been a beer or three.

That having been said, it has been a very good Sunday on the health scale.  Had a healthy sub from Subway (and yes, thoughts of being the new Jared), walked up to Loblaws and bought a tonne of veggies and cold cuts and even hit the Running Room for some Gu in anticipation of next weekend’s 100Km of riding. All that and an Indiana Jones marathon, makes for a relaxing Sunday (and it has been a long time since I had a weekend where I did pretty much F A).
So kicked back on the coach after a delightful dinner (which has included salad for just about every meal for the last week) and some Indy and I made the painful and required decision.  It’s been a while since Spritz and I hammered the pedals (back to the Castle season ending episodes) and now that I’m all caught up it was Boondock Saints II that was the entertainment of choice.  Bonus for using these movies is that we can easily exceed the 40 minute usual time limits.
Today’s session lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes at a pretty good base.  Problem, was it was hot, hot, hot in the condo, even though the AC was on.  Average cadence for this trip was 92 and the total trip distance was 35Km.  Now the issues came with maintaining a steady heart rate and the overall average of 143 was below the 150 I try and keep.  Also the max of 186 was the highest I’ve recorded while stationary on the bike (on the Argon I have hit this a couple of times, notably on the HILL and on Highway 38 in Bala).
Big week this week with ball on Tuesday and hard riding this weekend.  Now I just have to fit some sessions in and everything will be A-OK.  Well it would be if my stupid ankles would stop killing me.

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