A Little Bit O’ Baseball

So Tuesday is here again and that means it’s time for some softball.  As I have been saying for most of this season, I don’t understand what has happened to my overall skills.  It’s like I just forgot how to play.  I can’t hit, I’m hit-and-miss with my throwing and I’m just generally not into it. It’s really disappointing because I do like playing and I play with 2 good groups of people (but as discussed a couple of posts ago, I’m not sure about the competitiveness sometimes).

All that is water under the bridge as we come to tonight’s game at the Brickyard (potentially the last one of the year which has me cheering).  It didn’t look like it was going to be a good night as there were six, count’em SIX accidents at various locations along the 401 and the 403 (including a closure heading to St. Catherine’s).  Somehow though, all the accidents did was make it easier for me to get there.  Figure that one out.
Blue Rams basically have to win out in order to have a shot at getting into the playoffs.  Somehow no matter how good our team is we have to struggle to get in the backdoor and then kick the snot out of the league leaders to win it all (we’ve played together for 5 years and won the championship 3 times).  Any way you slice it, we have our work cut out for us. 
Tonight’s games were pretty good; we threw up a mercy in the first game and then battled hard to win the second one too.  Overall it was a great team effort except for one boneheaded play by yours truly.  I clearly feel I’m way faster than I actually am (although I will state there COULD have been a head wind slowing me down). I had just doubled in two runs and was standing at 2B with one out.  Grounder to the pitcher who turns to see if I was going (I wasn’t) and then throws to 1B.  When he turned to throw I took off.  Dumbass.  I was a dead duck on arrival sliding in, tearing up my elbow this time and managing not to tear open my leg again.  Worst part, took the tag right on the chin.
Brain fart aside, a good day.
Ps it has been a tough couple of weeks with the right ankle.  The training has been non-existent because of the pain.  Hopefully I will be able to do enough so that I don’t die on the runs.

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