4 in a Row… Ouch.

Oh my Gawd.  I don’t think a body can hurt any more than I do right now. After last nights’ game I bailed on Boston Pizza to go grocery shopping and by the time I was done I stopped at Caspian to grab pizza. Home for a shower (yes, that extra 20 minutes in the morning will be key) and off to bed. This morning, I don’t think there was anyone on the planet who didn’t want to play ball any more than me.  I guess that would explain the leaving of the uniform at home (which necessitated the detour on the way to the ball game).

The warmup was not pretty.  My shoulder (yes, a new pain) was really tight and seemed to take forever to get loose and my back was tight on both sides (my guess would be from all the twisting, tennis, baseball, softball).  We were up against the #1 team in the league (run by the organizer of the league) and they have won the whole ball of wax 3 of the last 5 years.  We started playing and guess what?  We brought or A game.  Good defensive and timely hitting (and we forced them to leave the bases loaded four times without giving up a run).
We won game one, got up seven in game two and had to fight to ties in our last at bats with two out.  I gutsy performance all around, but by the end of the game I was truly gassed.  I was so tired I missed an easy pop up on an infield fly and managed to throw out the runner going to third for the inning ending double-play. The other team thought it was a veteran move; I had to break it to them that accidents happen.
I ran really well tonight, but was having trouble with throwing and batting (due to shoulder and back).  Also by game two my ankles were absolutely killing me.  I finished game one, 1-for-3 with an RBI and game two 0-for-1 with a walk.  I felt pretty good and had some good runs, but I was having lots of trouble.  When I got home, there was no sleeping… Two Aleve and a topical NSAID on the feet and ankles made for not a very good night.
Wednesday is going to be a rest day (with a massage booked) and hopefully Thursday night I will be able to try and go for my first run.

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