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My body is unhappy.  No energy to workout and no energy because I haven’t been working out.  What a stupid catch 22.  We tune into our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday June 21st after an impromptu trek to Kitchener on Sunday to surprise Pops for Father’s Day.  I must say it’s a good thing I love my family because by the time I fought the stupidity that is the 401 East between Kitchener and Toronto I was ready to A) Sleep and B) Kill Someone.
When consciousness was achieved on Monday am, I was in no mood to do anything and that included workout or go to work.  Since I had no choice regarding the latter, I eventually got up, showered, dressed and headed to work.  As 5pm rolled around I made the trip to the most brutal diamond ever, Brickyard.
Two games vs a team that was winless (which is usually the cue for the Blue Rams to throw up a stinker and come away with a split).  The first game went really well (I started at 3B, but I don’t have the arm for that long throw.  The glove is fine, but if there is any issue in the transfer the runner is going to beat it out).  I managed a very decent game going 3-for-4 with a Run Scored and 3 RBI’s and had some very good runs.  The legs felt good and I was moving pretty well.

Game Two in typical fashion was not so good. The defense disappeared and we started acting like the keystone cops throwing the ball around. The Umpires provided some absolutely disgusting calls, all of which seemed to go against us and we found ourselves down by four in the top of the last inning.  We came through with five runs and held them with the bases loaded and one out in the home half to win by a run.  I ended up 1-for-3 which was a disappointment after the display in game one.  I did come up just short chasing down a fly ball, but I reached TOP SPEED.  That’s right kiddies, I’m pretty sure I achieved my max forward velocity and it felt really good.

Tomorrow is Diamond Dawgs.

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