In Search of 2 W’s

Brickyard. I hate the Brickyard. The diamond that there is absolutely no good way to get to.  Game starts at 6:30p at Mavis and Dundas and I leave Birchmount and Lawrence at 5p.  Which way do you take?  401 to the 403?  DVP to the QEW? Some combination of the two with side streets and shortcuts?  Awful.  The chosen route today was the DVP/QEW combo platter and it sucked.  10 minutes to get to the Gardiner and 50 minutes to get to the 427.  Wait, take the Queensway as a shortcut. Nope, no sooner did I make the turn when I discover it’s one lane the whole way due to construction.

6:22p I roll in.
I could have made it to Kitchener in that time. But, I digress. Coming off the disaster last week (the Rams got mercied after I left) and bringing the newly purchased Worth Toxic, I just wanted to try and improve. Right off the hop we get turned sideways, short guys, callups and Me playing 1B again.  After the first throw sailed wide to me, we put together a defensive gem. Maybe one of the best I have ever seen including a diving scoop at 1B by yours truly to complete our third double-play and end the game.
Game two looked good as well, but we made some base running errors that cost us some runs and the defense that had been so sharp in game one took a holiday. Still we had a five run lead going into the last inning… and WE COUGHED IT UP.  Terrible display all around.
Offensively, I still haven’t been able to find my swing, going 1-for-3 in both games (1 Run and 1 RBI in game 1, empty in game 2), but I ran hard and jogged whenever I had the chance.
PS Heads up because training for the Duathlon starts on Monday.

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