A Little Monday Night 3 Pitch

So after a disastrous opening night, I strapped on the cleats and took the field hopping for better results than last week.  Just to recap, I couldn’t hit and couldn’t throw (although I did get called out when I was clearly safe).  Back to Randall park with the Diamond Dawgs.

So tonight because of shortage of players, yours truly will be playing a combination of 3B and LF.  Considering that I couldn’t have hit the broadside of the barn with a 747. So I started off at 3B and managed to make a couple of plays, tag out, force and heaven forbid a 5-3 DOUBLE PLAY (thanks to Michelle digging out the 1 hopper with a nice backhand).
Let’s move into the outfield.

I’m not gonna lie, but the legs did not have a lot of get up and go.  They were still pretty trashed from the ride (not sore, just no juice). Made a couple of routine catches and one spectacular grab on one that I overran and had to flail to catch.  Looked good, but it was a combination of luck and long arms.

Even the bat came around today, I managed to not kill my pitcher with the liner through the middle and ended up going 2-for-3 with an RBI.  Not a great day because I felt like I could’ve driven the ball harder, but the body just wasn’t willing.
I have two more games tomorrow night with the Blue Rams and then a much needed rest day.


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