Boy it’s Cold Out Here…

So it’d been a week and I’m feeling much, much better.  So Monday rolls around and I remember to pack the bag of baseball equipment (jerseys, Under Armor and such) as I headed off to work.  That in itself is a big positive.  Ate a good lunch and fought Syteline for the day, counting down the minutes until 5pm. 

Off to change I go and… CRAP! No shorts.  I have jerseys, compression everything and baseball pants, but no shorts (I wear shorts in the Co-ed league so that I don’t get tempted to slide).  Pants it is then.

In an extremely pissy mode I head out for the 5:45pm game, knowing that traffic and construction will be against me on this trip AND that we are short.  If everyone doesn’t show up on time, we forfeit.  Great, this day just keeps getting better and better.  Thanks to some clever maneuvering and a small case of lead foot, I make it with 10 minutes to spare.
Thank the baby Jeebus I wore pants because it is frosty out here.  Nice weather for a day in late September or early April, not mid-June after a heat wave where temperatures hit 40 degrees with the humidity. Awesome.  Cleats on and warmup.


My shoulder starts aching like I haven’t thrown a ball in 10 years (I really am starting to fall apart.  Based on this it is looking more and more like retirement at the end of the year).  Game on! Playing the hot corner again this week and hoping to play better than the first game of the season. The Dawgs played maybe their best defensive game and aside from one high throw and a bobble it was a solid night.  On the offensive side 2-for-3 with an RBI, but the power still isn’t there.
Ball again tomorrow,
PS Happy Birthday Kris! Thanks for the birthday party invite, great to meet your classmates and score some free eats!

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