Ok, if you don’t like language, you better tune out for a paragraph or too.  Played a nice game against a pretty fun team with the Dawgs when the umpire turned asshole.  We are up by 10 and Robbie picks up a grounder heading to 2nd, picks it up, touches the bag and throws to one to complete the double play.  Ump calls safe at 2nd and the other teams rally continues.  Hey Jackass, it’s called the Vicinity Rule.  You know, come near the bag and continue the play to ensure you are out of the way of a runner coming to 2B. He then goes on to explain how because we were up he didn’t feel that the call ‘needed’ to be made.  Hey Asshole, an umpire is supposed to be impartial.  It doesn’t matter if we are up 1 or 1000, you call the game as it happens.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I am so sorry that you had to be a part of that outburst, but I am very bitter right now.  It was a good game today and I had a really good day running.  I ran hard, and I ran often.  It was a really great, the knee and the ankles felt really good today.  A couple of runs from 2nd to the dish and some good hard running on a couple of foul balls.  The thing today is that there were a lot of left handed hitters so 3B was a pretty quiet place.  Not that I’m complaining, seeing as my arm has been awful this year and I would be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn (although I took some throws with Robbie and I felt really good and the throws were on the money. Hard and in the wheelhouse).
Not that I want to toot my own horn here, but since this was my best offensive performance of the season in either league AND I ran my ass off (sorry, that one slipped out), I think I’m entitled.  4-for-5 (3 singles and a double), 3 runs scored, a Sacrifice Fly and 5 RBI’s.  Yeah, it was a good day at the office. Now the hope is that I can carry it over to tomorrow night’s double header with Blue Rams.
Training hasn’t been going well so far for the duathlon, my body has been run down and just a general pain in the butt.  I have to start pushing though, it’s only t months until I run, bike and run my derriere off.
Have a good night,

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