Blue Rams @ Dunton

Sorry for the angry words on the last posting, but I think I’ve calmed down now.  So after the debacle on Monday night its time for our regular installment of Tuesday Blue Ram Baseball.  The team is languishing in the middle of the pack and are in need of 2 W’s to get a jump into the playoff picture.  Well standing in our way is the 2nd place team in the league.

We could have jumped on them early, but in true BR fashion we let it slip away.  The season has been awful for me with the bat.  I have no power, I’m not making good contact and am just not having a good time of it.  I really am done at the end of this season, one year off to recharge and re-evaluate the situation.  Then we’ll see what happens.
For me it was a really interesting game, they played the ‘Big Pappi’ shift on me so I tried to get cheeky (oh, and the bases were loaded with one out).  I chopped a little looper over the third baseman’s head (couldn’t have laid it out there any better) and run scores and I end up on first.  We have a couple of injuries on the team and no runner for me.  I followed it up going first to third full out with good speed and lots of motion and then scored on a sac fly.  That is where the good portion on offense ended.  1-for-3 with a run, RBI and a strikeout (great, six pack of beer).  Defensively made two beautiful scopes behind the plate to kill to runners at the dish and was half a step from getting a third.
Game two I moved to 1B for the first time in a while and I had myself a gem (defensively).  Scooped some nice balls out of the dirt and came up with some nice digs going right and left.  Overall that aspect of the game was really good.  On the other side it was shite again, 1-for-4 with another strikeout (total is now 12 beers owed) and the confidence with the stick gets worse.
Canada Day Weekend coming up,

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