First Dawgs Game (May 30)

I’m not going to lie, but if this is any indication, my skills are eroding. Not pretty at all.  Monday was the MMM Diamond Dawgs first game of the season (finally, 3 straight rain outs).  So I arrived a bit early to the game just because there was really no point heading home when I had to drive all the way back to Markham for 7pm.  First sight of the field… Well I couldn’t see the field because of all the dandelions.  Not a good sign.

Once the team started showing up, we went through the normal “Hey, how are you, haven’t seen you in forever” and got down to the warm-ups.  I should have known the way my arm felt I should have packed up the bag and went home. Nothing crazy, just stiff and it felt like there was no power on my throws (I could kill the guy who taught me how to throw a curveball, because now I have trouble not putting some stupid spin on the ball).

We get the game going and I’m hitting in the number two spot and feeling pretty good.  This however is where all good feelings ended.  Lame little nubber off the end of the bat, easy out. To 3B and the defence we go.  The glove was working and so were the legs.  Nothing got past me but the throws were ugly.  It’s tough because you want to make a good throw into a small window and then you start thinking about it. Once you start doing that, you start trying to guide the ball and then it just gets worse.  I swear I had 6 throwing errors on the night.  You just keep pushing and things get worse.

The next at bat resulted in a brutal call by the umpire and I followed that up with the big ‘K’.  0-for-3 just like the first game of the men’s league.  Truth be told if this keeps up I will be retiring next year.


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