Tuesday Night Baseball

Well it sure wasn’t going to get any worse at the plate for me. A big 0-for after the first two games with runners stranded and the whole nine yards. The defense was ok, but that was about it. We got rained out last week so I had an extra seven days to think about how much I stunk. OK, there was a plus side, I didn’t ground into any double plays, but I was the last out four times and could not get comfortable.

Fast forward to our third and fourth games (at Dunton for the first time this season) and we were playing another unknown team (and some fan they brought with a megaphone). It looked like we were going to forfeit the first game because we only had eight guys just prior to start time. No issues though as Stu and Fiore made it in time.

This week the defense took a vacation. I could not get my footwork working and ended costing my team two runs (which didn’t end up making a difference because we stunk. Lost 13-3 which if you can do math ends up being a mercy). But on the plus side, I finally got my swing working and while the first at bat just moved the runners along, the second was hammered right on the money. Even the run to first felt good, I was quick (for me) and very conscious of leg placement.

Game two I moved behind the plate to see if I could be more useful there this evening and it was better. Batting I had another solid shot (and a good run to 1B) but my second at bat was a pop up because I got a bit over extended. I think the only thing that is going to fix this is going to be at bats, but because I’m struggling, they are going to be hard to come by. Brutal catch 22.

Overall it was much better this week and I got some good runs in (including a long foul ball that I would have caught had we been at the Brickyard. Needed another four feet of foul ground). MMM Diamond Dawg ball starts next week so I should be playing a minimum of 3 games a week (and four during a couple of stretches) so the activity level will be ramping up.

Diet wise, I’ve also reintroduced Greens+ in the morning before breakfast and started taking Chia seeds again to help with Omega3 and Fibre. Salas has been big on the menu along with chicken breasts. Massage last night so had to take it easy and the body is still telling me to wait tonight (Masseuse found 2 ribs out of place and I really have no good reason for that).


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