Don’t Talk to Me About Playoffs (May 31)

So the Blue Rams have had a tough start to the season and the move to Tuesday nights.  It’s all new teams and figuring things out again, but we really haven’t played a complete game yet.  That and I haven’t been able to bust a grape this season.  It did start to turn around after the first two disastrous games. 

So we hit the field in some seriously hot weather for our first of two.  We gave up five runs out of the gate, but then the defense kicked it into high gear.  We played ‘Blue Ram’ baseball.  The complete package on defense and then innings of 2, 0, 0, 1, 9.  Yup that’s how we roll.  Again not a great day with the stick, but didn’t hit into any double plays and didn’t leave any runners stranded.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but baby steps.

Game 2 and the sticks came to play.  We staked ourselves to a 16-3 lead after 3 innings, and then in Blue Ram fashion we let them nickel and dime back into the game.  It came down to the last inning and a final score of 16-13.  Can you believe it?  Well the key for this story is run number 14.  With 2 outs I hit a solid single, but rather than waste a courtesy runner I get to do the honours. Well the guy behind me smacks a double to right field and I know that I have to make it to third.  I make the turn and 15 feet from the base the coach is still giving me the go sign.  WHAT?  If you say so.  I dig in and away I go.  SAFE!

That’s a lot of motion for a big body and considering I had one of the fastest guys on the team nipping at my heels not too shabby.  I think the main positive from these three games is that I made it out in one piece, unlike last year.  The Ride for Heart is Sunday and I will be going into it ready to go (unlike last year when the week before I tore cartilage and strained ligaments).

Happy Hump Day,


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