Well that was no good…

Clearly the muscles used for spinning/biking are not the same ones used for Slopitch.

The first week of the regular season is now in the books and I have to say it was not promising. Our team? No. Me. Lets just say that while my speed on the base paths and general fitness have come a long way, arm strength, core strength, bat speed and just about everything else have suffered. First game last night, batting was good, couple of RBI’s and some decent hits. Fielding? It was like I had never played 1B before in my life (including a genuine Billy Buckner straight through the glove between my legs).

So solution? No friggin idea…

I think the first steps are going to be including some stretching routines to the nightly spin to try and free up my quads, hamstrings and groin. Next I thing the power sit-ups using the heavy ball will need to be added to the daily routine and third arms, lots of arms shoulders, back and such are going back on the menu.

Last night wasn’t a complete disaster, but close. Blue Rams gave away a game that eventually ended in a tie and then laid a smack down in game 2. It just wasn’t a standout performance by their regular first baseman.

Spinning tonight,


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