Take Me Out To The Ballgame…

Hello Blog Followers (sounds like a cult doesn’t it?)…

You’re Bernie has not been idle since last Thursday, but didn’t get in the activity that he wanted. So to recap, Friday I met up with the University Ladies from Ottawa so no spinning and Saturday I was on the move bright and early to Kitchener to get the bike (not Spritz) tuned up. $250 later (after new shoes and a pump) we are back on the road in the condition we expected and ready for June 6 (If you haven’t donated yet, please see the link in previous posts).

Sunday was Mother’s Day and while I was ready to ride, snow was not something to make one hop on a bike in shorts and fight 50KM/H winds. So instead it was just a nice day spent with the family.

That brings us to Monday. Softball season is officially upon us and game 1 in thee Markham Business Baseball League did not start off too well. We played with 8 (and didn’t forfeit only because Poppa Conway was called up at the last minute) and Yours Truly was playing the unfamiliar (not really) SS position. The game ended up close, 10-9 loss for us, but we did rally to score 8 in the top of the last inning. I may have over extended myself though and combined with the cold weather has left me with some tight hamstrings. Also in need of new cleats because my ankles are on fire.

Tuesday was supposed to be a spinning night, but the 13th floor folks trooped out to Scarborough to welcome Isabella Ivy Duncan (Ace and Lori’s little girl) to the world. After a quick bite to eat I was done in and still tight.

Mississauga Men’s Slopitch starts tonight for the Blue Rams with our weekly double header. It’s going to be f’ing cold and I hope I hit better than Monday.

Back on Spritzy if I can walk Thursday,


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