Fringe Division Jr Trooper in Training…

Okay let me just start this note off by saying Fringe is the best show on TV and Anna Torv (look her up) is the most strikingly stunning woman on TV (she makes plaid pajama pants and a T-shirt sexy).

I start the post off with that little tidbit because that’s the reason that I made it through the entire 60 minute session with Spritz, one day after lots of ball. My lower half has been pretty tight the last couple of days (well since game one on Monday actually), but I am trying to recommit myself.

So after the lovely session with Spritz, which was remarkably easy today all things being equal, I started trying to rebuild my upper body. It will be a long process as there really is no way to specifically target a certain area, but overall health and fitness will help complete that goal. So, lets recap, get back on the cycling program, compete in the Ride for Heart (please donate) and drop another 30lbs.

Geez, that’s not a small list…

So if you’ve been following along this whole time here’s how the weekly program stands. I have modified Dr. Spin’s program to remove the out of seat power work (my legs are getting big again and I have enough trouble finding pants) and added 3 games of Slopitch a week (2 Men’s League and 1 Rec Co-ed). Oh, and don’t forget the enhanced upper body and core routines.

Should be interesting when Dr. Spin gets back, cuz he’s not going to be happy with the state of my ankles, but if they won’t fix them, I will break them and then they will have too.

See you Friday,


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