Here there be MONSTERS!!!

Can you guess the movie of the night??

Ok, that quote is in the first one, not in the movie I watched tonight, but its from the first movie in the trilogy. Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World’s End. Tonight was one of those classic evenings where I didn’t want to spin. I got home and gave Dorothy (the Red Rocket) a quick washing and installed the roof rack, ordered a pizza and watched Kick Ass.

That’s where the famous quote “If you can debate about not doing something (spinning), you had better get dressed and do it”. So Spritz and I hunkered down and had ourselves a little activity. I made some adjustments to my riding setup and it was a much nicer ride, although it was shorter than the 60 minutes I had planned.

Still a 45 minute session is nothing to sneeze at. That makes session number three of the week and hopefully I will be able to get at least one more. Friday might be tough as Gemma, Ginnette and Haley are in visiting from Ottawa and the 13th Floor crew is headed out, but Saturday or Sunday I’m planning on a 30KM ride.

So if I see you, I see you, if not have a good weekend,


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