Big Trouble in Little China…

Now before you get alarmed, the blog title is simply the movie of the evening. What, did you think there were issues here? C’mon, you know that I love nothing better than hopping on Spritz to ride for some crazy period of time.


Ok, now that I have that out of my system, here is the lowdown from the first ‘hump day’ in May. Got home and had a reasonably unhealthy dinner (grilled cheese with bacon), but what can a guy do? I had a serious craving. Seriously it was that meal that pretty much sealed the deal for me riding tonight.

60 minutes on the bike (YAY!!!). It was a good ride as it didn’t take a mountain of motivation to get past the 45 minute mark. Watched an old school movie, cracked open the door and had at it. I’m still feeling a little tight through the hip flexors and through the abdominal area (which is new), but might just be a result of the ride on the weekend.

Headed to Kitchener this weekend for Mother’s Day and while I’m there I will be visiting the good folks at Ziggy’s cycle to get my bike tuned up. I tried to call a local shop here and he told me he could take my bike May 25th. Kiss my business goodbye. The rear breaks area soft and the discs are making a brutal squeak. I need to get it ready for the ride June 6 (If you haven’t donated, please sponsor me for this really god cause).

Thursday awaits,


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