Didn’t Want Too

BUT I did anyway…

That’s right, Monday, after work, stuck behind some of the dumbest drivers in the city with hockey on, I did not want to spend time with Spritz. However, that said I did. I threw a 45 minute session (too tired for a full 60).

It was an interesting ride as for the first 10 minutes I had a hard time getting my heart rate up. Once I got going though it was pretty good. I’m starting to find that it is very warm in the basement for these sessions, but it’s tough to just take the bike out as I have to switch the cleats on my shoes for the different pedals.

Might have to buy another pair of shoes…

Maybe not, damn condo. It’s funny how once you are a home owner the process of buying anything becomes much more difficult. I have stopped from pulling the trigger on a new computer about 4 times and I avoided buying a road bike at least half a dozen.

Have a good night,

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