First Ride

That’s right, it’s May 1st and the first good ride of the season is in the books. As I start the training for the Becel Ride for Heart, we took a little 35KM ride from the Morton’s cottage in Wasaga to the lovely burg of Collingwood. Some back roads, some moderate hills and a big man on a bike doing 50KM/H. It was sweet.

What wasn’t sweet, the two falls I took. Not classic skidding across the pavement with style falls; two almost stopped, forgot to unclip (from the new Mallet clipless pedals). Brutal. Plus side, falling of the bike doesn’t hurt as bad as tripping on a speed bump while inebriated.

It was a great day. I spent a lot of time working on my gearing. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but making use of all my gears made the ride, if not easy, then not as taxing as one would believe. I think it’s a great start and a good lead up to a month of biking.

Visited the good People at Rack Attack to buy some stickers to protect my roof as I get ready to mount the bike rack and what would have cost $16 ($4 for 4 stickers and $12 shipping…WTF, online) was free from them.

Thinking of taking the bike to Kitchener (via Brantford and football) and hammering out a 30KM ride through the back roads. We’ll have to see about that though.

Big shouts of Thanks to Leslie and Christian for their hospitality and to Steve-O for throwing the bikes in the back of the truck.


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