Well that was a big bag of shi… er… poo… I mean bad (sorry, this is a family show)…

Last night was game to of the MMM Diamond Dawgs season and lets just say all around it sucked. Not anyone person sucked, but just a general whole team did not play well. I got an okay run in (little light running, but I couldn’t bust a grape so no hard sprinting). That pretty much means that Spritz and I have an appointment tonight after my cousin Jason and I meet up for dinner.

Still having issues with the ankle from the weekend and there were a couple of times that it seemed to kinda lock up. I guess taking the ball off it didn’t really help at all either. I think at this point I am just counting down the days until the long weekend (I have Friday off too).

Lots of biking planned (along with good eating, the healthy kind),


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