Hump Day to a Long Weekend

Barring some kind of weird scheduling or the complete hatred of the traffic gods, this will be the last blog entry until next week. Lisa at that point you should have a couple days of reading, provided I don’t get eaten by a bear while riding my bike.

So last night was Wednesday and you know what that means! Blue Rams Baseball (OK, its softball, but give me a break, its my blog). On an absolutely gorgeous night the Rams took the field against the Moose (who are a decent team but not a great one). Well, the first game was pretty good, we hit, and ran, but for the love of Pete for the first 4 innings defense seemed to be beyond us. The game came down to the bottom of the last inning with the tying run on third and a fly out to the warning track.

Game 2 we were not so fortunate. We stunk. Having to find an emergency sub for a guy injured in the first game, we were just awful. We couldn’t hit, we couldn’t run, no defense. It was brutal. Needless to say we lost.

As for me, the terrors of last week seem to have gone. I played some pretty good defense and for the first time in a year I was running the base paths. Usually the run for me (it makes sense, I’m slow and runs are important), but with the injury in the first game I was doing my own hustling. Actually it felt pretty good. I even managed to swing a decent stick tonight as well.

Now that Thursday is here, I’m really looking to the weekend. Home after work, load of laundry, pack up the car and head north.

Have a good weekend,


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