Ok, so it’s been a while since the last post. Thursday just to be clear. Before you get up in arms I will plead that I have been extremely busy since Friday at 5:00pm. Busy? Yes, busy. Very, very busy.


530pm – Visit a condo. Not ‘really’ looking to buy, just looking to see what’s out there in order to prepare for my departure from 220 Cranbrooke. Now, this departure was scheduled for June 2011.

730pm – Sitting in the living room, making an offer on said condo. Not just an offer though, I’m in a bidding war with at least 1 other group.


1000am – Speeding home to get a mortgage. Not doing a pre-approval (as was the original plan), getting a mortgage.

300pm – On the phone with my agent, after having been informed that the offers were close and wondering if I should ‘sweeten’ the deal. No, you have a fair offer.

430pm – At a wedding, in the hall, cell phone strapped to my ear while the bride is preparing to walk down the aisle agreeing to push my closing date out another 30 days.

500pm – Home owner

525pm – Happy couple, happily married.

*Side note: The other offer was higher, but my terms were more flexible. If you ask my mother (and I will agree), April 19th would have been my Opa’s birthday. I’m pretty sure that he influenced the process in my favor.

Welcome to today. After having been off the bike, the plan is a little skewed. I haven’t been keeping an accurate food log and I haven’t been blogging (as my readers have informed me.). Well I was back on track tonight, sort of.

45 minutes on the bike and the whole session was tough. The hard part today was keeping the heart rate in check. Got through it and slammed a session of bicep curls and shoulder presses on the end of this. Going to try and get this process going again, but please forgive me if the last week has been a little hectic.


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