Good Friday is upon us and I’m on the road to Brantford for some good ol’ Friday football. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day (but WTF with a humidex in April) and there is a great turnout.

We spent 2 hours running up and down the field playing 5-on-5 on a remarkably clean and moderately dry field. I felt pretty good. I’m not sure I ever got near top speed (OK, maybe once), but it was good solid running, especially when trying to cover that long legged gazelle Denis.

After the game it was off to pick up my spouse for the day Lisa and then off to Jim’s. Here’s where it got challenging… While not a practicing Catholic anymore, out of respect for Mom I do try and play by the rules (which means no meat). There has to be nothing harder than being at a BBQ with a good bunch of people and being able to only gaze at the grill full of meat. Buns with veggies and cheese… Yay!

I did learn how to play Texas Horseshoes (James and I are now the defending champs) and had a great time anyway.

See you Monday night,


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