Busiest Bar Night of the YEAR

And for the second major drinking holiday (St. Patty’s being the first, I will not be participating). Does this mean I’m getting old?

Well that GOLD STAR is being passed around this week to my readers. The recipient tonight is Ms Kris Ward, after she made comments questioning my cheese consumption. She blatantly threw down the gauntlet and encouraged me to hammer through my spin session.

Good thing she did, because I was going to slack off FOR SURE…

Fritz and I drove straight through a 55 minute session. That’s 55 minutes at 90 RPM (ish) while maintaining a constant heart rate of 135 beats per minute. I’m gassed right now let me tell you. This whole ‘spinning’ thing is turning out to be just as tough as I thought it would be. I hope this will translate to my regular bike when the weather allows.

Just so you know, I’ve set a goal this year to complete a ‘Century’ before the end of the summer. Now, that’s ‘Century’ as opposed to the ‘Century Club’… One involves riding 100KM and the other drinking 100 shots of beer over 100 minutes. I’ll be doing the distance one.

Well Kidlets, have a Happy Easter (I will blog tomorrow hopefully),


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