Easter Monday

I think everyone should get Easter Monday off, not just the Government suits and school folks. While the lack of traffic was enjoyable, I would have rather been outside working on my tan…

OK. Complaining aside, today is Day One of Phase Two (please notice the impressive capitals on the Day and Phase) from Dr. Spin. This glorious day involves 60 minutes of spinning @ 90 RPM and 135 BPM. Interestingly enough today was a serious sweat kind of day. I’m guessing that this will be the norm from here on in thanks to the increase in temperatures.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be my first day of both intervals and riding out of the saddle and given that I’m a klutz, this could be an adventure. 10 minutes of the standard ride, 4 minutes of high intensity standing and then back to the standard. Total ride time will be 42 minutes with 3 pairs of high/low intensity. The only question is do I do it in the morning or risk having to do it after dinner with Ace, Lori (with little Duncan), Katherine and the Murdoch’s.

So many decisions, but none until the am…



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