Tonight was a short spin. Actually I’m lucky there was any spinning at all. We (Kris, Steve and I) met up with Ace, Lori, Katherine, Joanna and Jay at a very cool Irish pub called the Ceili Cottage (

Very small, but wow was the food amazing. I had fresh bread with homemade butter (pipe down, I know I shouldn’t have), Mac and Cheese (which was just the right size and so good) and a piece of the Chocolate and Bailey’s Tart (little slice of heaven).

Now, I didn’t have any beer (or booze at all), which is how I justified the dessert and swore I would come home and spin. So true to my word I did spin. I didn’t want too, but I did. My body is screaming so I’m off too bed. I went straight on today’s session and tomorrow will be an hour ride. Thursday will be day 1 out of the saddle interval.



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