Big Gold Star

So there is a reason I’m blogging about this process (even though the original purpose has changed). It’s two-fold, one to let everyone know what’s going on in my world (OK, admittedly a very small portion of it) and two, to find motivation when I don’t have any.

So a big GOLD STAR to all of you, especially the little lady in Brantford who reads this on her lunch everyday.

If there could be such a thing as negative desire, tonight I had it. I wanted no part of doing anything but eating dinner and going straight to bed. Not wanting to disappoint my loyal followers, I got changed and began the process of lengthening my sessions in order to start the second phase of my training. Tonight and tomorrow will be 5 minutes longer each and then a football session on Friday in Brantford.

50 minutes, and Lethal Weapon 1 later, a tired and sore Beez hopped of Spritz, stretched the calves and hammys and threw some weights. I’m thinking that I may have to pick up some kettlebells just to get a change, but for now mixing the ab roller, free weights and bands I think I will be in a good spot. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not trying to build a huge amount of mass (well maybe my arms), I’m trying to cut pounds.

I’m feeling way better now that the session is over and it’s really encouraging to be able to see results. I do miss going to the gym (just the variety), but for some reason spinning before I hit the hay is turning out to be a really good way to unwind.

Hitting the pillow,


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