Dr. Spin Has Spoken

That’s right Kiddies, Dr. O. has been officially renamed Dr. Spin. I sent the good doctor my stats for the last two weeks and we are going to continue to push ahead. I realize that I forgot to let you guys know after the weigh in, but I’m down 5+ lbs and 1.6% Body Fat in the last two weeks.


While the weight loss has not been on the previous curve, I’m hoping that it will be more sustained and allow me to get where I want to be. So with that in mind I just got of the Spritz-meister (who is loving the new pedals I installed after having fought to get the old ones off with liquid wrench). I had some trouble today focusing and staying in the heart rate zone, but what can you do (my legs were a little sore).

Dr. Spin sent me the update to the program which I will re-evaluate tomorrow (cuz I’m too tired right now), but after glancing at it briefly it looks like there will be two serious intensity days and 3 regular ones. I can’t wait to ramp up the program and I’m still contemplating going back to the P90X.

Goodnight Everyone,


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  1. Beez!! Congrats buddy!! I know you're working hard… I can hear you huffing and puffing when you do! = ) Keep it up. It's starting to show! xo

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