So That’s What 4 Days Feels Like…

Got home from work and made a lovely dinner of Pad Thai and then realized that at some point I was going to have to hop on the spinner. Not a good feeling after spending most of your day beating your head against your monitor trying to learn a software package with no manual…

So I did the next best thing, took Rhodey for a walk… And then got on the bike!!

DAY 4!!

Surprisingly once you get going on the fourth day it feels like a piece of cake (chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate icing). Had The Dark Knight as the movie du jour and pumped through the 45 minutes like it was nothing. Have a feeling that tomorrow (Friday) morning isn’t going to happen (mornings have not been agreeing with me this last week… Stupid time change), but at some point there will be a day 5.

Oh and I’m headed to Brantford on Saturday to play footy,


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