Negative on the 5 Spins…


Before anyone panics, I did get a 5th session in this week in the form of football in Brantford. That’s right up early and off to B-ford for 2 hours of crazy running on a somewhat squishy field (and KW and Steve-O even made an appearance).

A little sore last night (which is usual) and moving a little slower today (which is also usual) but it was good. The two newbies may be in the ice tub all week trying to recover, but I’m pretty sure they had a really good time.

This will be a short post as I’ve just made it back from the James and Bernie birthday bash in Kitchener (where I did manage not to eat too much bad food). Before I close however, there is a small piece of business to conclude.

The winner of the Spin cycle name contest is…


The name of the cycle will be here christened Spritzfahrten (which is German for spinning) who will go by Spritz for short. Lisa will be getting a special prize when she comes to Toronto next week for my birthday party!


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