Get Your Irish ON (or not)

Did I read this right?
Did Bernie not celebrate one of the greenest and drunkest days of the year?

That’s right kiddies, for the first time since I turned the legal age to drink in Canada I did not go buck wild on St. Patty’s Day. No idea why because there was a plan to have green been at lunch, but instead someone emailed me a picture of the green beer they were having and I had a pizza.

Nothing green there, but I did wake up at the appointed hour and had my chunky posterior pedaling away on the spinner (I need a name for my spin bike and will be accepting entries from my followers… winner will receive something special). Apparently though I wasn’t quite conscious because Kris passed by in the am and all she got for her ‘Good Morning’ was a look. I vaguely recall seeing a shape going through the garage door.

Let’s see if I can get past the 3 day barrier,


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