Monday, Monday, Monday

Well that’s a Monday put cleanly away in the books…

Geez, Mondays suck.

Woke up this morning and had no time to spin as the Red Rocket was getting her winter boots taken off and new summer kicks installed. $300 later, I left the dealership crying (it was only supposed to be an oil change, power steering fluid change and wheels), but ended up also costing $30 for side marker lights (really? $3 for the parts and $27 to install, WTF).

Got home tonight from work and unpacked the winter tires from the car. Only two things left were to spin and cook bacon (Kris is making ‘healthy’ Mac n’ Cheese and needed bacon). Did the bacon and had some soup to tide me over until dinner. Hopped on Spritz for the daily session and jumped of expecting some sweet dinner. Well dinner was sweet (awesome dinner), but a little later then expected. Trying to keep myself awake for another hour just so it starts to digest.

Spinning in the am,


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