Full Card

This makes 5 days this week. Ok so there was no spinning today, but there was a gym session today involving chest and cardio.

I’m sorry this posting is late… I did get into A LOT of trouble, sorry Lisa.

Anywho, so the session sort of looked like this:
15 Minutes on the Treadmill
5×20 Close Grip Pulldowns
3×20, 1×15 Pec Deck
3×20 Incline Press
3×20 Decline Press
28 Minutes on the Bike

Was a good week of working out and I feel pretty good, but today is going to be slow due to the copious amount of booze consumed at last nights birthday celebration. It was a crazy good time with dancing, a cool band (Wreckhouse) and amazing people.

We hit the Sporting Life yesterday before heading out to party and i picked up some new pedals for Spritz. The only problem is the ones that are currently on it are friggin seized on. Steve-O and I will be having at the tomorrow (Monday) with some of the wonderful tools in Engineering at the big K.

See all you crazy kids when the week starts again,


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