March 1

Today is the day (well the first of many I think)…

Didn’t gym this morning because tonight is my first session with Dr. O. Let’s just say I’m more than a little worried how my body will react to what I have no doubt will be a grueling session. Even on the walk to the subway I could feel my legs still tight from ToTH (see previous post).

We head to the basement, I change into cycling duds and we begin. The plan is for me to spin at least 5 days a week keeping my heart rate in a certain zone and maintaining 88-92 RPMs. Guess what, either one of those things on their own, no problem, together brutal.

Thanks to Dr. O’s encouragement and replays of Lance Armstrong doing the Tour de France I soon got the hang of it. Wow, spinning is some serious work. We are taking it easy this week to ease into it and Dr. O. will be introducing other elements as the week progress (such as out of the saddle interval training).

Just as I finished, Shannon comes downstairs and offers us fresh homemade cookies while waving her ice cream sandwich (I look at the Doc and wonder if it’s a test). He shakes his head and as I head out I take her up on the offer (Totally amazing Oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies), but I only have one.

Waiting for my spin bike so off to the gym in the am.


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