February 22nd to 26th…

Thrill on the Hill…

Only this time it was just a wee bit different. In years past, ToTH was boys week in Collingwood, Ontario, complete with bad food, sitting on our asses and copious amounts of alcohol.

Cue up 2010.

This year the only folks who came to ToTh were those that were there to ride (and by ride I mean snowboard). Gone was the bad food (there were in fact 2 salads prepared for dinner and chips did not enter the condo until Wednesday). We rode for 5 days up and down the Blue Mountains and drank copious amounts of vodka and water (under strict orders from my nutrition Guru).

…and we watched Olympic curling (awesome).

Thanks to our awesome hosts (Rick and Michelle Keilhauer) and the folks at club Intrawest. Steve, Denis and I (with cameos from Phil W and Rick K himself) had great conditions and fun times on the hill (Fav run off Southern Comfort to the left).

5 Days of lift, strap up, board, (fall – which became less and less as the week went on), unstrap, skate and lift. This cycle may seem repetitive, but when you have great folks with you who could go faster, but are hanging with you as you master the sport it’s awesome. The only major thing I discovered besides my ability to make it all the way down without falling, is that once a big body like mine cools down, don’t bother going back out (tweaked my ligaments when Stevie K needed a hot cocoa).

March starts my work with Dr. O.


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