Day Two

Headed out for the first workout spin day…

I get to the gym just as a spin class is ending, WTF? Goodlife’s schedule says there are only early classes on Monday? Today is Tuesday right? Well that throws a wrench in the old plans…

I get changed and hop on the elliptical until the class and the teacher are gone (for some reason they frown upon people just using the studio…or at least that’s what the sign on the door says). The only problem with a class is that it would be impossible to complete the workout I need to do.

20 minutes later…

I head back to the change room and into the studio under cover. I hop on a bike at the back and I’m off. Not surprisingly when you have someone to keep track of time or RPMs, these types of exercises become a lot easier. Two watches and a heart rate monitor and I’m off. Knocked down a solid 30 min staying in my targeted ranges and hit the showers.

Tomorrow I’m shooting for 45 minutes,

Have a good one,


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