Hat Tricks and Chips

I don’t know what it is… Chips, in all their deep fried goodness… I must eat them if they are around, I just can’t help myself. That and portion controlling seem to be my big issues nowadays…

Now I’m not saying that I’m eating them a bag at a time, but a handful here and there have to be adding up. Got home for dinner tonight and I was a raging eating machine (Pad Thai, a Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ cheese and a handful of Reese Puffs). I was still hungry but decided that I had done enough damage for one night.

Got on the ol’ Spritzmeister and hammered out the standard 45 minute session that Dr. O. is looking for. Friday is a weigh in day so there will only be one more spin session this week, but 5 days total of exercising (actually 6 as I’m headed to B-ford Saturday for footy).

Once I hopped of the bike I hammered out a quick abs session (because everyone knows that I kneed to have a rippling mid section). This is going to be the new modus operandi for me with a spin session followed by some type of exercise (be it arms, shoulders, chest or abs), just to make sure I don’t go all Jell-O ish on you.

Have a Great Evening,


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