Tursday (yes, I know its spelled Thursday)

Well another day another struggle…

This is getting out of had, but I did drag my butt out of a nice warm bed and into the cold outdoors. Headed to the gym and started a very mellow cardio session. It was about a 950+ calorie burn, but I never felt that I was taxed beyond my abilities.

Tomorrow, will be the last gym day in February and I won’t have broken my record for most visits in the month, but I was pretty active. Next week is a week of snowboarding at Blue Mountain. As long as I can stay board side down, should be a good outdoorsy kinda week.

Looking forward to buying my cousin Jake a beer (now that he’s 19) and rumor has it Kat may be visiting too. As long as I watch the deep fried food (and stay away) the vodka should even the rest out.

March 1st starts the plan with Dr. O. and I am pretty sure there are going to be a lot of parts that are going to hurt.


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