Who Says Football is OVER???

It’s Saturday morning, 9:00am and I’m sitting at the field in Brantford Ontario, wondering if anyone is going to show up…

You would think, that after having played ball with these guys (Dom and Cathy, it’s just a figure of speech), I would know that games start at 9:30. So after waiting in the car and watching various Brantford residents walking their four-legged friends, I notice a familiar face walking down the hill with her son and a… wait a second… a dog? That’s right The Hallberg’s have a dog… Welcome to the blog world Flash!

So onto, the game. Well I must say (and a I normally do, because it’s my blog) that I did have a very good game offensively. I threw for 3 TDs, caught 1 and on a play that even shocked me, deaked 3 defenders on a kickoff and ran it all the way back to the house!!!

Write that down, because it doesn’t happen often!

Defensively I had some trouble keeping up with Blaine coming out of his breaks (I think it was due to the field conditions, but I will have to re-evaluate after the field thaws out and the snow is gone). It was a BEAUTIFUL day though and it was a lot of fun running around.

The next day (as always) is a struggle with various parts of my legs hurting (hips, quads and ankles I’m looking in your direction you whiners), but that’s the price of admission.

I’m writing this Monday am, so I will close with “Did anyone see the Men’s and Women’s Moguls from Whistler”? Holy Cow, I almost blew my knees out sitting on the couch watching the abuse those people are inflicting on their legs…



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